People behind the brand - Rickie Dee, Superette

Im stoked to be bringing back our People Behind the Brand interviews which I know you guys love. To kick things off for 2016 we have the super duper stylish, amazingly inspirational Rickie Dee of Superette.
 Tell us about Superette, how and why did it all begin for you?
It all started 13 years ago when my business partner (James Rigden) and I were 21. We were on a mission to be our own bosses so the concept started there and a trip to Australian fashion week. Being so young we didn't think too much and just made it happen.

How does a normal day unfold for you?

It is busy (to say the least) I try and go to the gym at the crack of dawn before the kids (Rocco 7, Hawk 4, Kai 1) wake and then it is on to sussing breakfast, lunches etc so we can leave the house by 8am. Once the kids are at school and kindy, I begin the drive to work with a coffee and try and kick the day off at my desk with a list.

Who or what inspires you?

Travel, Magazines, Blogs and my amazing Superette family.
What do you think the trick is to running a successful business here in New Zealand?

Work hard and keep at it. Owning a business anywhere is never easy but if you love what you are doing and are passionate about it the good will always outweigh the tough times.

What are you reading right now, books, magazines, websites, blogs?
I am not a book reader as just dont have the time, but love magazines. Elle, Vogue, Russh, Inside Out, etc etc.

Your fashion style and your interior style, explain them to us.

My fashion style does change day to day depending on my mood. I tend to be quite busy in my role so need to be comfy, but like to be dressed up at the same time. I am a fan of leather jackets, jeans, perfect tees, flat boots or on a day when Im not running around - heels.
My interior love at the moment is white. All white everything. I like our home to have a beach & natural vibe so it feels like you are on holiday. I am also a fan of interior plants in every room. 

We are visiting your local area for a day, can you suggest what we can do?
Definitely start the day at Dizengoff. The best breakfast & in Auckland. Then of course I would suggest visiting one of the Superette stores to pick up some of the new arrivals. Then perhaps a late lunch or dinner at depot for a wine or two and oysters.
And Lastly, what are you cooking for guests right now?

BBQ’s. We are trying to make the most of our summer and eating out on the deck most nights.

Thank you, thank you. The best. xxx

Amy x

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