Co + Minii by Melissa Mills photography

We have had an exciting start to 2016 here at Milo and Mitzy. Something I have been longing to do for a while now is to work with a professional photographer. It has been about finding the right one for me. So you can imagine my delight when I discovered the very talented Melissa Mills whose work I really admired.
Melissa, of Italian heritage, first and foremost is an incredibly talented wedding photographer, a wife and a mother to the gorgeous Sonny and Ivy. Based here in Hawkes Bay, what captured my attention about Melissas work is her approach to photography. She is very much a documentary photographer who sits back and captures those natural moments. Incredibly, and this is something I could never do, she had a very natural way with our two girls. (Shooting kids can be hard work!) It was lovely to watch her photographing them.
Melissa and I have great plans to work together, photographing other creatives and their work, as well as interiors, products and kids clothing. Our first project was an exciting one, working with one of my favourite kids online stores, Co + Minii and my very own Frankie and Melissas little Ivy were our stunning models. (Bias? Possibly!) Belinda of Co + Minii sent us some incredible pieces including some gorgeous Sweet Jane Petite by Gisbornes talented Chelsea Thorpe and 2 dresses by the popular Australian label, Bella and Lace.


The shoot was very cool to be involved with. Ivy and Frankie were superstars and the clothing is absolutely amazing. Belinda of Co + Minii stocks the best things!

If anyone is interested in more information on working together with Melissa and myself, please feel free to contact me on And seriously, if you need a wedding photographer in the near future, Melissa is your gal.

Happy new year. I thank you hugely for your on going support towards Milo and Mitzy and look forward to sharing more exciting things ahead with you all.

Amy x

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