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I am very pleased to bring you a little behind the scenes from one of my favourite photographers Georgina Skinner. Georgina, an English girl living in rural New Zealand is inspired by her travel and lifestyle. Her images from her website Print by George are incredible, I am lucky enough to own one of them. Thank you for your time Georgina.

Tell us about Print by George. How and why did it begin?

I was a bit tired of working for someone else’s company which wasn’t in the slightest bit creative, when all I could think about everyday was shooting my own photography and having the freedom to take up photographic jobs when offered. Stuck in an office in an inspiring city such as London was tough and especially when I knew that I wasn’t going to continue in that job to make it my career.

Print By George began when I was asked if I sold any of my work? I was also very keen to find an aspect of photography that could make me my own boss.

It’s an online print store where I sell and rotate every 6months to a year, a selection of my own prints under a signed limited edition. I want photography to feel accessible to the everyday person. Having just started decorating my own home, the first thing I could think about was putting something up on the wall, but when you look about, it is such an expensive task! Photography is never going to be cheap because of the costs that goes into printing something up, but I want people to want to be able to put a picture on their walls which doesn’t involve them taking out a loan.

Who or what inspires you?

Instagram/Pinterest; my day starts and ends with Instagram or Pinterest! I was always a little anti social media until I realized what a powerful tool it can be and how much inspiration I can gain from it every single day! But I am still a firm believer in that you need to switch off from online time to time. I forgot this rule when I was starting out last year and I was online 24/7 trying to please Australasia in our daytime and Europe over our nighttime…It’s only been in the last couple of months I realize that to live in real time is crucial for resting up those fingers and eyes…

What websites/blogs are you currently clicking on?

I have never been a girl to hit the ‘follow’ button on blogs or websites so much, but I find that I am always keeping updated with new posts from certain people I like through their Instagram or FB pages.

At the moment, I am going through my foodie phase. In my spare time (not as much as I would like), when I am not working on my photography, my guilty pleasure is to cook and bake for other people. It separates my work life to home seeing as they are all based in the same location!

How would you describe your style, both fashion and interior?

Fashion-wise, I am sticking with the greys, whites, blacks and a touch of leopard print! Interior-wise, I love the whites, linens and greys with hints of faded colours. The two styles are very similar and I like to keep things plain, effortless and clean. I hate mess!

This style comes through with my photography having the light colours feature mostly. There are a lot of predominantly white backgrounds with splashes of colour peeking through in places. It’s what I see when I look into the camera and my space around me.

Any future plans that you can let us in on?

My new website is about to launch and that has been my main focus this year. All the redesigning of Print By George is starting to come together as a whole and I adore it. It feels much more sophisticated and cohesive with my style of work.
There are a couple of other plans in the pipeline, which I am working on all the time, but keeping them quiet for the time being until I can confirm things further.
Thank you for your time, George. Be sure to pop over and check out Georginas work.

Amy x

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