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Jemima Phelps is the designer, web wrangler and blogger behind Fiddle + Spoon, a lifestyle blog dedicated to food, travel, fashion, design, photography (and cats)! Dividing her time between Melbourne and her home state of Tasmania, she loves anything creative she can get her paws on!

Is it just me, or is cauliflower everywhere these days? When I was younger it used to sit at the top of my list of "Things Jemima Will Not Eat", along with brussels sprouts and rhubarb. I'm happy to say that in the twenty odd years since, I've now come around to the deliciousness that is cauliflower (and rhubarb, although brussels spouts are still disgusting).

This weeks recipe is from Erin Made This, a rather scrumptious little blog and truly worth a visit. It combines my new BFF roasted cauliflower with yummy lebanese lentils, topped with a drizzly citrusy dressing. Yum.

Enjoy! x

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