The Urban Hunter Finds

Recently here at Milo and Mitzy, we put a call out looking for a couple of contributors. We had a fantastic response to this and so it brings me much excitement to introduce you to a new Milo and Mitzy contributor, Shelley Truebridge of The Urban Hunter.

Shelley Tunbridge is the designer and owner of The Urban Hunter and one half of the creative duo behind Bones Style Club.  After becoming a stay at home Mother Shelley decided to pursue her passion in homeware and design with the launch of The Urban Infinity Calendar. Following that success she has added an array of products to her label and is now diving into fashion design. With a keen passion for design she loves homeware, fashion, children's clothing and decor. Follow her as she picks out her favourite products to share with the Milo and Mitzy readers.

Copper has been making appearances all over the homeware scene. This week I share with you the Copper Coat Hanger from The Urban Hunter. Sleek in its design with a beautiful metallic copper finish these coat hangers will make your clothes scream luxe. Not only to be hidden away in wardrobes these would also look great displaying magazines on a wall or using the bottom rail as a centre for a weaving project. 

Stay tuned, I'm sure this brand is one to watch.


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