Blog Contributor: Jemima Phelps of Fiddle + Spoon

I am so thrilled to introduce you to our second contributor here on Milo and Mitzy, the very very talented, Australian based Jemima Phelps of Fiddle + Spoon. I hunted Jemima down myself as I just love her work. She will be bringing us a range of her own delicious recipes and recipes that she has found.

Jemima Phelps is the designer, web wrangler and blogger behind Fiddle + Spoon, a lifestyle blog dedicated to food, travel, fashion, design, photography (and cats)! Dividing her time between Melbourne and her home state of Tasmania, she loves anything creative she can get her paws on!

My very first feature here on Milo + Mitzy was a big - and daunting - choice to make; a whole internets worth of recipes at my fingertips! What to choose?

After countless hours reading recipes and looking at photos of mouth-watering food (not that I'm complaining) I finally settled on something I think you'll all agree is a winner: vanilla porridge with honeyed apples. It's currently winter over here in the Southern Hemisphere, and while Australia is mostly known for our extremely hot summers, we definitely get our fair share of frosty toes and chilly fingers come June! 

So what better way to start my first feature than with the first meal of the day - a warm, hearty breakfast! And from the Queen of Cooking Donna Hay, no less.

Enjoy! x 

See recipe here.

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