Sunday, April 26, 2015

Andy Coltart Architecture

Todays post is close to home for me and dear to my heart. I have grown up watching the work of Hawkes Bay architectural designer Andy Coltart.  (Literally used to pass these properties every day on the way home) Watching Andys work develop has been mind blowing to say the least. Being fortunate enough to visit a few of these properties is something else altogether. (We hired a couple of them for our wedding party) And I plan to visit many more in the future. (I hope my husband reads this!)

You can recognise an Andy Coltart property from a mile away. Dotted around the hills and on the coastlines of Hawkes Bay, Andy, born and bred in the province learnt that design and architecture was his calling, when previously a farmer, he took on the renovation of his own home.

Andy has been responsible for turning Hawkes Bay into a thriving, stylish tourist destination along with business partner Kim Thorp of Black Barn vinyards. Most of these properties pictured are available for rent. Seriously a must do.
Stay warm.
Amy x

Images by Brian Culy


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  3. These drawings and architectural work must show all dimensions and must also properly scale.


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