Margaret Petchell

I have been harping on about New Zealand artist Margaret Petchell on Milo and Mitzys instagram account a lot lately. I figured it was only fair to share her on the blog also. We have two of her works, Maycee and Claris the budgie and I absolutely adore them. Below Margaret shares a bit about herself for us.
Tell us about Margaret Petchell the artist? How did you start and why?

For about ten years prior to launching myself commercially I was painting large portraits of women which took about 6 months to a year to complete, incredibly detailed and time-consuming. (I could spend an entire day on adjusting the expression of just one eye to create the right feeling).  Beautiful and my favourite pieces of work but hopelessly uncommercial! So searching for another subject which would be quicker to execute,  I found I was drawn towards birds because of  the intense gaze they hold in their eyes.

All my work has a portrait theme whether it be a person , an animal of a bird , they all stare out at the viewer and there is always an eye connection. They are Mona Lisa’s of the bird and animal world! 

Encouraged by my partner and a photographer/ artist friend of mine to get painting and hold an exhibition got me working  towards my first and almost sell out, exhibition : The Commoners”  larger than life bird portraits in 2013.
Sharing the  building where the exhibition space was held was Endemic World. Elliot  makes fine   art prints of my paintings and to this day we have a  mutually great working relationship that really just gels for both of us. He has been a huge force in helping my images to become known. Setting up my online store seemed to validate the whole concept of my art being a job and a commercial , creative venture for me.

Tell us where your inspiration comes from?

I find a lot of inspiration in fashion, I’m a regular reader of vogue, I visit  the sites of designers and photographers, watch fashion shows on line and I regularly visit  art and fashion exhibitions. I also love interiors  design and architecture, especially of Eastern countries.

These rad mood boards were created by the clever team at Endemic World whom Margaret works closely with.
My work as a Make up artist /stylist requires me to do a lot of online referencing for designing  a look for a TV Commercial.

I read a pretty random selection of books, currently I’m reading the biography “One Girl One Dream” by Laura Decker (I come from a sailing family.) I’m a big fan of books rather than the computerised equivalent.

Thank you so much for your time Margaret. Such wicked art works. We love them in our house hold. Head over to our instagram to see how I have styled my pieces.

Amy x

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