I am wrapt today to be able to introduce you to a new up and coming brand that is definitely one to watch. Mamoo&Lou was born upon recognising a gap in the market for affordable, high quality yet super cool and trendy merino baby clothing. We own a couple of items and boy do we love them! Below is a glimpse behind the label from the Mamoo&Lou team, New Zealand based Libby and Megan and China expat Loulou. Libby being Mum to Megan and Loulou.

How and why did Mamoo&Lou begin?

Libby is a great sewer and had previously had the idea to make baby clothing at an affordable price to fill the gap in the market. She got as far as a trip to Shanghai but it never eventuated from there.

Loulou had spent a few years in China and then decided to leave to work on the super yachts in the US. Eventually I wanted to go back to China but needed something to do there. It seemed silly to live in China without taking advantage of all the opportunities it has to offer as the largest manufacturing economy in the world. My brother Jeremy also has an established clothing manufacturing company in Guangzhou (China Textile Traders) so we began with a lot of the contacts already at our fingertips.

Megan had just had her first baby Sofia hence the need for affordable unique and practical baby clothes. She also has a background in graphic design, so it seemed only logical to put our skills to use as a team, and so began Mamoo&Lou. (Ma - Mum, Moo - Megan, Lou - Loulou)

What inspires you?

Family. Friends. Travel. Nature. Practical, natural & beautiful things. With Mamoo&Lou we get to work with and combine all of these things.

What blogs books websites and apps do you check out regularly?
We are on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest as sources of inspiration. As well as being inspired by Little & Loved, Little Gatherer, Petite Kitchen, Well Nourished and The Cool Hunter.
Thanks so much to the girls of Mamoo&Lou for the look behind the scenes.
Amy x

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