Millar Road Hawkes Bay

Hawkes Bay, well known for its beautiful wineries and beaches, so how does one, visiting Hawkes Bay, get to appreciate the two together? By staying at Millar Road that’s how. An example of Hawkes Bay’s finest boutique accommodation can be found at Millar Road; set on a vineyard nestled in the Tuki Tuki hills with the most incredible views of farmland and coastline below.

A chilled bottle of Millar Road’s Supernatural Wine awaits your arrival.   This can be enjoyed in any one of the 3 houses, the main Haumoana house or either of the two smaller villas. Even better, head to the gorgeous lap pool and enjoy the water, the views and the poolside bar.
The larger main Haumoana house and the two villas have been built to maximise the views of the ocean, farmland and vineyard.  They display a modern, luxurious and contemporary style whilst, at the same time, indulging in that New Zealand way of open plan, easy, comfortable living.

As you enter your Millar Road villa or Haumoana house you are greeted by the aroma of freshly baked bread, the pleasure of sampling organic eggs, bacon and Hawthorn coffee beans, all local Hawkes Bay products. Millar Road, the epitome of perfection.
Amy x

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