Green Fingers

I have been spending some precious time with the little people in my life before I go back to school. (I am a teacher in my everyday life) My little people, Frankie and Patch, are very busy little people. In an ideal situation I would like to be sitting on my kitchen stool blogging while looking out the window watching them play. Unfortunately that's not really the case. My busy little people don't like me sitting on the computer. When they are up, it is serious play time. So this wee explanation is a bit of an apology for m absence. You can blame the little precious people in my life.

Todays post is a bit different. Usually I post drool worth interior images, not the case today. Let me explain. We moved into our beautiful home just on a year ago now. We were very lucky as the house had just been done up and we are very happy with. This is where my attention turns to the outdoors. The garden is a very basic blank canvas. The deck is huge and the exterior of the house is a gorgeous black colour. So basically the world is my oyster. I am enjoying very much growing and developing the exterior of our home.

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I am a massive fan of white in the garden, I love buxus hedging and I am very keen to create an easy care, tidy, yet eye catching space. It is a big learning curve for me and working out what grows in my soils and what doesn't can be a bit testing at times but very exciting all the same.

Here is to the green fingers in all of us.

Happy Monday.

Amy x

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