Cafe Love - Lloyds Kitchen

You should all know by now that I just adore cafes. Everything about them. The culture, the food, the people, the design, the décor- EVERYTHING. My dream one day is to travel around our beautiful country visiting the best of the best that we have on offer. Actually I dream of owning a café one day but that one, I shall just keep as a dream.

I think I just dream of owning a café purely so that I can decorate it. Im thinking huge big industrial lights, a cool bench top, baskets of bread, subway tiles, tolix chairs! You name it.

I am always admiring café pictures. Recently this café, Lloyds Kitchen, situated in Devon, England caught my eye. Designed by Woodford Architecture and Interior Design, the idea was to create, modern and atmospheric interior that doubled as a café and a restaurant at night. I think they have certainly achieved that.

On that note, I best hit the hay as I have sick kids, but please do drop me a line if you know of a cool café or eatery that I should check out.
Amy x

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