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If you are anything like me, you live for breakfast. I mean I practically go to sleep just so that I can wake up and have breakfast, I love it that much. So I am beyond excited to introduce to this ridiculously cool New Zealand brand - The Muesli Hub. The Muesli Hub is run by New Zelanders Lucy and Jono. Lucy and Jono are taking the breakfast world by storm and are proving that they belong. I was lucky enough to get some time from Lucy and Jono to answer a few question for our Milo and Mitzy readers.

Tell us a bit about The Muesli Hub and how it started.

The Muesli Hub was born from a love for mornings and a desire to find the perfect breakfast which we quickly realised was different for everyone. We couldn't find a perfect option on the shelf and often found ourselves adding things in or taking things out. After travelling, we came home to New Zealand with an idea to shake up the breakfast scene and encourage people to love breakfast again, which has since seen The Muesli Hub come to life.

What inspires and drives you?

At The Muesli Hub we aspire to a single vision 'to inspire New Zealanders re-priortise breakfast'. Morning's are a beautiful time of day, it's to early for the day to have gone wrong, we say enjoy the peace of mornings and then you're on the right track to a good day. We aim to bring a little bit of happiness into peoples morning, and what is better than your own personalised breakfast to enjoy. 

Favorite blogs, websites, magazines?

There are so many epic blogs out there at the moment, both large established ones and little side projects. A great food blog we love is Heartbreak Pie, while The Denizen and They All Hate Us are great for a little lifestyle inspiration. Sometimes nothing beats getting a little lost on Instagram or Tumblr and just jumping from page to page.  
In terms of magazines we love Cereal magazine (what a name!!) - the imagery is so clean and fresh, we're always hunting out each new edition.

If we were holidaying in your current city of residence (Auckland) what would you recommend we do for the day?

We love coffees and a Masters Shake from Fred's on Franklin Road in Ponsonby and then Swashbucklers is brilliant for a chilled out, well priced beer in the sun. For a bite to eat it is hard to go past fresh oysters and Depot has them nailed, and dinner at Blue Breeze Inn always wins, its popular, but for a good reason. 
A great day trip is to head up to Brick Bay Vineyard for an afternoon. There is an awesome sculpture walk there which conveniently ends at a beautiful little wine restaurant called The Glasshouse. Perfect for a glass of wine and platter - such a gorgeous location.
Thank you so much Jono and Lucy. Such a wicked brand. Be sure to stop by and create your own muesli.
Amy x

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