Cream Empire

It is no secret that I just adore childrens bed linen. Infact, I am a real sucker for it. You know that one item that you hav heaps of but you just keep buying more, childrens linen is mine. My weakness one might say. I wish I was clever enough to make it, ahhhh but I am not. I'll leave that up to the experts. One expert who is just going from strength to strength, producing the coolest of cool is Carolina from Cream Empire. Honestly, I would own the entire range if I could! I was lucky enough to get a behind the scenes glimpse of the fantastic brand that is Cream empire.

Tell us about yourself Carolina, Cream Empire and most importantly what inspires you.
I am a mother, wife and part-time scientist. All of my other time goes to my home based Cream Empire business. I am the one who designs and creates all of my products. 
My greatest inspiration comes from my son Javier. (pronounced Havier, Spanish for Xavier) He is 18 months and its already running us off our feet! My Hubby and family inspire and support all of my silly ideas! Love them to bits.

I launched Cream Empire in November 2013 on Etsy, however I was only using fabrics from fabrics stores. This was proving quite difficult to find exactly what I wanted.
Twelve weeks ago cream empire had a makeover and I launched my own range of designs on fabrics and a new website. Since then I have been very busy designing, printing and painting new designs. And of course sewing all my items together! 

My designs are scandinavian inspired. I love minimalist interiors and designs but I also do love a bit of colour! I like to make my designs fun and modern to suit any age group. 

Favorites- Books/magazines/blogs/foods/places.
I love reading girly girl books. One of my favorite authors is Monica Mcinery (not that I get much time to read these days!) 
My fav mags are of course Real living, la petite mag , Frankie mag(basically any interior, baby and design mags and the odd science journals) My geeky side sometimes comes out! 
I love Melbourne. It is my fave place in the whole world. I was born in chile (south america) and came to oz when was a young tacker. NYC and Florence are equally second on my fave places list! NYC was actually one of my biggest inspirations to start my own business when we travelled there in 2012 . My hubby (Joel) and I use to sit at borders at times square and read Rich Dad Poor Dad. A very inspirational book for all people wanting to start a business. 
One of my favorite blogs has to be The Design Chaser and also Curated By. Love their style.

My favorite food has to be pasta! l love my carbs! and chips... and smoothies! Maybe one day my designs will be inspired by these foods!
Thank you so much for your time Carolina. Seriously you would want to pop over and check out this range. Also available here in New Zealand at The Foxes Den. It is insanely cool.
Happy Monday.
Amy x

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