House Tour with a marble twist

Sweden does style so well. That minimal Scandinavian flavour works in so many ways. Take this wee apartment found on Fantastic Frank for example. Just oozes style doesn't it? I am sold.

Check this amazing charcoal linen couch below. So in the market for one of these.... sigh, one day she says! And how good is the white smeg fridge? Damn you stylish people and your stylish homes!

I used to be someone who liked to display all of my bits and bobs. I've found myself paring back since having kids. Don't get me wrong, I do love fun trinkets, but when life is so busy it is nice to come home to a calm relaxed space sometimes.

Marble fits in perfectly amongst the pared back minimal look. These gorgeous marble basics from MintSix are very high up on my wish list. Practical and functional yet oh so stylish and not mention completely on trend. Give me cheese and quince paste on one of these trivets any day!

Happy days.

Amy x

P.S Who is excited for The Block NZ to start tonight?

Annabell Kutucu

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