I am a sucker for beautiful bed linen. I love nothing more than jumping into bed at the end of the night with a new magazine.  So I am always on the look out for fabulous bedroom images to inspire me. This image below caught my eye recently. It reminds me of the beautiful linen range of New Zealands own Gorgi.

My love for Gorgi products has been an on going thing for a while now and what attracts me even more to this company is that it is fully New Zealand owned and operated with all of their bedding 100% NZ made. I was lucky enough to have a 'cyber chat' with Julie of Gorgi.

Tell us about how Gorgi started, Julie.

We purchased the Gorgi license for New Zealand in 2011. I have a corporate background in Marketing to NZ small businesses, and I knew it was critical for the right business opportunity to be one with points of difference that really set it apart. I had been a Gorgi customer myself, I knew there was a loyal customer following, and I knew it was something I could have a passion for. It really seemed like fate when the opportunity presented itself and so we took the plunge! I love that we have moved the brand to place more emphasis on gorgeous Grown Up rooms (without forgetting the kids) and that we can offer a really unique tailor-made service with gorgeous fabrics, here in NZ. And we do it direct to our customers, so we're not trying to accommodate extra margins in our prices as well.
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 What inspires you? Favorite websites? Magazines? Books?

The Design Chaser, Milo and Mitzy, Roomie, Your Home and Garden, Homestyle, Urbis - your usual culprits. I spend far too much time on interior blogs and pinterest - it's addictive and doesn't leave time for others. It's also necessary for Gorgi for our own interiors photography, ensuring our styled rooms work, and that we can offer the right inspiration. Part of our philosophy is to not get too caught up in the latest trends though as we believe in purchases of 'base' items that will stand the test of time - although this approach does let you have fun adding in some new pieces to the mix too.    

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Any recipes or meals you are loving right now?
At the moment I'm a convert to My Food Bag - we do it fortnightly and it's meaning we are taking more time to cook properly and eat amazing gourmet meals. We've just come out of a super busy patch - new baby, recent major house renovation, and running a business so we're focusing on getting the basics right again - cooking great food, eating together, exercising and having time away from the laptop (phone, ipad..). I also had a copy of My Petite Kitchen Cookbook arrive a fortnight ago, and I've made the Spiced Chai Carrot Cake twice in as many weeks (add all ingredients, mix, pour in tin, bake in oven!). It's just a gorgeous book, which makes me want to try more of its recipes.  

Thanks so much Julie for taking the time to chat. be sure to pop over and visit Gorgi and see for yourself why I have had such a long love affair with this particular New Zealand brand.

Amy x

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