Shopkeeper Interview - Maree & Co

I am thrilled today to introduce you to the clever Amelia of newly established online home wares store Maree & Co.  Thank you Amelia.

What made you start Maree & Co?

I have always been so inspired by interior design, objects, styling, beautiful weddings and events. After studying Interior Design at University I went on to work in the industry but knew I wanted to get into my own creative projects. Starting online was an affordable option and I had been eyeing up our barn at home for years, dreaming of turning it into a creative studio. Last year I decided to take the plunge and I am loving it.

What inspires you? 
Interiors and beautiful spaces, fashion, objects, wellness and design blogs, cooking, places, friends and family and creative people in day-to-day life.

What are you favorite books/mags?
I read Dr Libbys book Beauty from the inside out over summer, which I loved. Any Interior or fashion books/magazines including Fete Press, Homestyle, Your Home and Garden, Urbis, Hello May, Kinfolk, Porter, Elle just to name a few.

What are your favorite websites/blogs?

Petite Kitchen, Bonnie Delicious and Julia and Libby for wellness and food inspiration. My favorite design blogs would have to be The Design Chaser, Milo and Mitzy, Studio Home, Magnolia Rouge, Hello May and Peppa Hart. Pinterest is still a favorite too with an endless amount of inspiration.

Can you tell us you favorite food?
Anything in the new my Petite Kitchen cookbook, which is full of amazing, healthy recipes. I love going out for breakfast in the weekends and start my day with a nice coffee every morning.

Can you share future goals for Maree & Co?

I am so excited to be launching the Event hire section later in the year which I am busy working on. I also cannot wait to have the maree & co studio/showroom open and have a space to fill with beautiful pieces, style products, invite clients to and have fun in. The showroom will be open for anyone interested in viewing Maree & Co's collections to hire. Products will range from beautiful chairs and jars to lighting, wine glasses and lots more. With the online store side, I am constantly on the hunt for beautiful products and will keep adding new collections to grow Maree & Co's range. I am also working on another exciting section to add to Maree & Co in the next few months so watch this space!

Above, gorgeous images from the Maree & Co Pinterest boards.

Amy x

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