Piece Makers

I am thrilled this morning to introduce you to the lovely and talented Fe who runs New Zealands Piece Makers. Piece Makers is an online market of beautiful, brilliantly created handmade items. (I am a little bias as we sell our chunky knit throws from here!) Piece Makers is like a real time local market only the brilliance is that you can do all of your shopping right from your computer. 

A few words from Fe - I started Piece-Makers because I felt there was a need for an online market place where things are included, not just because they are “handmade” but because they are beautiful and well made too.  I wanted to create a space where people who have something truly gorgeous to sell can present it in the best possible light and where discerning buyers can find things without having to wade through masses and masses of “stuff”.   

Having a talented graphic designer for a husband and a brilliant web developer in the family has certainly helped.  Our goal is to provide a “venue", much like a real time market, for clever individuals who want to sell on-line without the kerfuffle or expense of creating their own well designed, e-commerce website, or the high percentages charged by other online markets and who want their products to be seen in a clean clear gallery like space, without the visual “noise” of masses of other products and advertisements.

Thank you so much Fe. Pop by and check it out for yourself here, or if you want to get in touch and apply to become a seller on Piece Makers check in here.

Amy x

Annabell Kutucu

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