Shopkeeper Interview - Tory of Juliette Hogan

Name: Tory

What do you do for a living? 

I work for Juliette Hogan looking after her 2 boutiques & the online store

How does a normal day fold out for you? 

I live by the beach so I start the day with a beach walk or run & a fresh juice then off to work. After work my bf and I go for another beach walk and then he makes me dinner :)

Who inspires you?

Family / friends / fashion / interior design

What websites/blogs could we find you reading?

They All Hate Us, Milo & Mitzy, The Design Chaser, Sincerely Jules

What is your interior style?

All things Scandinavian!

What is your fashion style?

Casual, simple, classic

From your store, what is on your wishlist to buy right now.

The Queenie Rabbit fur jacket

From anywhere, what is on your wish list to buy right now?

ACNE Moi Leather jacket

ACNE Moi Leather jacket
What is your favorite holiday destination and why?

Anywhere hot with beautiful white sandy beaches

What is your favorite meal to cook or have cooked for you?

My boyf makes the best home made soft shell taco's all from scratch!

Thanks so much Tory for sharing this with us.

Amy x

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