Sunday, January 26, 2014

House Tour

Okay okay so I am not a pink person at all. Don't really wear it much and the only place you will see it in my home is the odd pop of pink amongst the black, white and yellow in Frankies room. But I mean come on! How the heck could I not love this place? Firstly it is that lime washed floor that floats my boat. Mix in the black, white and those subway tiles and finish off with that banging art work and soft furnishings and I reckon there is a pretty perfect apartment right there!

via MOHV

Below are a number of items from the lovely folk at Paper Plane to get you started in achieving a similar look as seen here in this apartment.

Happy Monday y'all.

Amy x

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  1. You know I love pink! This home is beautiful. I quite often want to throw a pink cushion in amongst all the black and white interiors I see online ;) I love the warm touches of colour used here x


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