Thursday, January 9, 2014

Foodie Fix

If you have followed this blog for a wee while now you would have heard me mention that I am a big fan of cooking. Cooking, (being in the kitchen in general) is like my chill out from everything else time. I love to cook however it is a bit hard at the moment to find the time to do it with a new born on board. This weekend I am going to make that time! As part of my being more organised on the blog thing, I want to share recipes with you more regularly.

At the moment I am suffering from a real sweet tooth. Makes for a bit of a challenge especially when I am trying to get fit again. Anyhow, much to my delight I have discovered that there are a lot of amazingly delicious recipes out there to fix that mid afternoon sweet craving without being overly unhealthy for you. Here the lovely Elenor from Petite Kitchen shares with you a gorgeous Nut Butter Chocolate Recipe where you can add pistachios and lemon zest if desired. 

Happy Friday.

Amy x

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  1. Yum sounds delicious! I wish I enjoyed cooking like you. I get zero enjoyment from being in the kitchen, although I spend a lot of time there with a busy family to feed. I do get inspired when I see beautiful recipes and photos like Eleanor's. She's so clever. x


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