Monday, November 18, 2013

Black and white retreat

I am back after a long couple of weeks of being over due with baby number two but at last he arrived and it was all worth the wait. We had a little boy a couple of days ago by the name of Patch, (short for Patrick) and we couldn't be happier. Slowly settling into things so bear with me if I don't post as regularly.

I came across this wee get away  on Design Sponge and boy is it right up my alley! I mean can you imaging "getting away" to this place, reading books until your heart is content in that bedroom! What a treat!

Simple cosy living at its best is how I would describe this place. That black, white and neutral pallet gets me every time. And the art work! Isn't it amazing the difference small details make?

Happy day to you all.

Amy x 


  1. Wow, the light is so beautiful, and you're right the little details are all so gorgeous. I love the light in the living room.

    I hope it's going well with Patch, and that Frankie is loving being a big sister. x

  2. Such exciting news Amy - I've just emailed you :)
    This house is a total stunner - right up my alley. And pat on the back for managing to get back to the blog so soon! Enjoy those precious first weeks with little Patch. Can't wait to see a pic x x

  3. Congratulations Amy!
    Welcome back and welcome little Patch :)
    That house is great, love all the art on the walls.

  4. Great house, Amy. But it all pales into insignificance with the news of little Patch's arrival! Congratulations. Great news. Best wishes, Rachel x

  5. Many congratulations on your newest arrival :O)
    This is a lovely place, I could definitely do with a time out there!! It looks so serene. the calming white contrasts stylishly with the black and is all brought together and softened by the rustic tones - gorgeous.


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