Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Online stylists - 3 companies to watch

It is amazing really what you can achieve with technology these days. Three companies that have been on my radar for a while now and are utilizing technology well are TDC Style,  Hide & Sleep and Roomie. 

Each of these companies offer online interior styling services to their clients creating style maps/mood boards, working specifically to create a room to fit their clients needs. Not only will they provide their clients with space and colour options, the best bit is that they are able to point their clients in exactly the right direction when buying products to finish a room. These three designers are in the know when it comes to sourcing objects therefore the hard work really has been done for you.

Below is a mood board put together by each company demonstrating exactly what they can do for their clients and how they meet the specific needs for their clients of each room. 

Michelle from TDC Design incorporates a Scandi feel using a monochrome pallet with pops of colour for a young boys bedroom seen above. With a large internet following Michelle is well known for putting together mood boards integrating current trends and items that are already in her clients home.  

Hide & Sleep specialises in children's rooms. Based in Australia Jacinda knows exactly where to source the best products from. Jacinda has a great eye for detail and amazing ability to make things work that you never thought would.

With over 10 years experience, Tina at Roomie works with her client to a set budget, using her expertise on items such as lighting and flooring to bring a room together to meet her clients needs. Tina is also in the know when it comes to great deals and discounts. 

3 fabulous online stylists to keep an eye out for. Head over to their websites to check out more details.

Amy x


  1. Thanks Amy, so lovely to be included - and in such great company! x Michelle

  2. Agreed Michelle! Great to see the online design concept is catching on! It's very rewarding work. Thanks Amy

  3. It is very important for the people to select only the companies which can really help them move out in order to avoid wasting their time and money.

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