Thursday, October 3, 2013

Hidden Gems

I have this secret hidden board on my Pinterest page that no one but me can see. Its full of little wee gems that I want to buy or make one day. Its not hidden because I am trying to be secretive, its just a bit of a mumbo jumbo board really and more of a reminder to me, eg. must buy this awesome ring! Or must make this delicious meal! Anywho I thought I would quickly share a couple of these secret images with you. These are things that I have pinned to remind me to make or buy in the future. Do you have a secret board? You should set one up for birthdays or Christmas. Its a great way to show the hubby what you are after.

A bit of a me sort of board

A bit of a Frankie kind of board

Hit me up via the comments or email if you are after the links for any of this goodness.

Amy x


  1. :o the love is sweet pegs... Do you know where these are from?

  2. I love the secret boards on Pinterest. We use them a lot for our Bibby + Brady client concepts. But I do keep one just for me, like yours :) x


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