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It is no secret that I am a massive fan of Superette Store, being lucky enough to guest blog for them on the odd occasion. I love the direction these guys are going in and would put them up there as one of the businesses to watch in New Zealand. They seem to be hitting the nail on the head every time. So you can imagine my excitement when a parcel arrived at my door step a couple of weeks ago from the swell team at the Superette HQ. Thank you thank you thank you.

Think Chevron prints, neon and brights, deer hides and industrial, pretty yet edgy. The coolest Turkish towels for your summer beaching by Ottoloom. The best range of Pony Rider that you have ever seen. Books galore to make any coffee table swoon.

Thinks spots and floral, black and gold, throws and cushions. Imagine the latest and maddest range from Kip & Co. Evie Kemp is right in amongst and throw in a touch of Aura and House Doctor and why wouldn't you love it? Think of the fashion that Superette Store stock and times the cool factor by 10. Now that is what I am talking about. How could your home not look good decked out in the latest home wear get up from Superette. 

And while we are on the subject of Superette Store, have you checked out their blog before. You really should! Here are a couple of my favorite images as seen on the Superette Store Blog.
From the frame clusters post
Do pop over and check out the rest of the home goodness via here. Actually amazing.

Amy x

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