Orchard Keepers

Oh my, I just LOVE everything about this place. This place being Orchard Keepers, a quaint little property nestled among the orchard trees in the state of Victoria Australia. And do you know the best bit? You can hire out this place for the weekend. Oh what I would give to go there childless, not pregnant, with a group of good friends, some very good food and wine, my walking shoes and some reading material. (Take note please friends!)

How dreamy is that netting over one of the guest bedrooms and I believe I spot a Armadillo and Co rug. (high on my wish list) Loving the bench top and that kitchen splash back and perhaps the only thing I could possibly think to change or add, is maybe a little, teeny, tiny bit more colour. But then again, I don't think that I would. 

Amy x

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