Monochrome apartment living

A quick post this morning as I am up early trying to finish assignments off. Here is a pretty rad example of a wee apartment displaying great use of monochrome tones. And that floor... AMAZE!

However, as much as I loved stacked artwork rested between the floor and the walls, I am not so sure that would sit well in my household at the moment. Wee Frankie is into pulling everything out/down whatever you call it. And as a matter of fact, broke my favorite dish in the house last week. Hubby and Mum keep telling me that you have to change your house around to suit a baby. I am telling myself and them it is just a faze. I will teach her, she will grow out of it and I am not going to put every cool thing away in my house because of babies! Selfish? Or brave?

Any who, how about that cool work space nook. Love the stool and that light. I am not so sure about the black leather sofa. I have never been a massive black leather sofa girl. perhaps I would go for a linen look sofa. Again, risky with babies. (you can wash them right?) The other thing that I would do here is pop more colour on the wall. Nothing to out there, just enough to add interest!

Below is how you can achieve this look in your own home using a few selected pieces from my favorite store, Father Rabbit.

Have a great day. 

Amy x

Images via here

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