Love From Friday

I think I have mentioned before that I am on a bit of mission (slow mission) to move Frankie out of the new born room and into a bigger room hence the reason I often feature kids products at present. And then I also think that I have mentioned before (probably several times) that I am a bit of bed linen addict. I love bed linen as it is so easy to change when you get sick it. Also you can base a whole room around the linen that you choose to use on the bed. 

Well, one company who I believe is going from strength to strength is New Zealand company Love From Friday. 

Boys will be boys duvet set featuring the orange dot cushions and pillow

Circles of fun girls duvet set featuring red with pink polka dots pillow

Owner Jane combined her interior design skills, passion for colour and love for beautiful childrens room and so Love From Friday began. Fabric is sourced from all over the world and made and designed in Janes home town of Wellington.

Watch this space as Love From Friday grows going from strength to strength. 

Amy x

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