Sunday, August 18, 2013

Apartment Living

A very very quick post as I am rushing out the door as we speak. I couldnt help but quickly feature this amazing Swedish apartment. If I was to do apartment living this is how I would do it. perhaps with a touch more art work and the odd rug here and there, perhaps a Kilim rug would go nicely under that table.  But man of man, those white ashed floors. SWOON! That exposed brick wall. LOVE. And Oh my, did you check out that DIY washi tape floor by the couch. How cool? And so easy!!!

Happy Monday to you.

Amy x

Apartment spotted here from here.


  1. How do they keep those white floors so clean though? Our last home had white tiles in the bathroom and they drove me to despair! The bricks in the kitchen look fantastic in contrast with all the white. x

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  2. Love this home Amy and I'm a total sucker for white boards! Agree with you about the kilim rug, would look ace under that table on those beautiful boards x

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