Pia Ulin and Lotta Agaton

Gosh life is busy at the moment. I promise I will make up the blog posts to you. A day at home today which is nice. Fire lit. Cuppa in hand.

First up on the blog today, an oldie but a goodie. One can never get enough of the work produced by Pia Ulin and Lotta Agaton spotted on Black Bird. Although these images are old they are still completely on trend and working the black and white to a tee. Loving the typo prints and the large letters used on the display cabinet. 

Stay tuned for more on the blog today. Happy Thursday.

Amy x


OH MY!!!! What a surprise I just got on my door step. A beautifully wrapped parcel containing an assortment of goodies and the ingredients to whip up a gin and tonic. How perfect that it is my favorite drink! So who was it from?

From my friend, that cheeky character Father Rabbit of course.

Why??? Well he was introducing me to his new house mate thats why. 

Father Rabbit has welcomed a visitor into his guest house being the kind genuine fellow that he is. Hello My Tropical Princess Bird Friend has moved in bringing a lot of goodies with her. 

Thank you for the gorgeous package Father Rabbit Limited and friends. I am very very lucky and cant wait to do a spot of shopping with Hello My Tropical Princess Bird Friend.

Amy x

Apartment Living

A very very quick post as I am rushing out the door as we speak. I couldnt help but quickly feature this amazing Swedish apartment. If I was to do apartment living this is how I would do it. perhaps with a touch more art work and the odd rug here and there, perhaps a Kilim rug would go nicely under that table.  But man of man, those white ashed floors. SWOON! That exposed brick wall. LOVE. And Oh my, did you check out that DIY washi tape floor by the couch. How cool? And so easy!!!

Happy Monday to you.

Amy x

Apartment spotted here from here.

Gift Idea - Ferm Living Clothes Pegs

I dont know about you, but with so many friends having babies and when the family just seems to be expanding, buying presents, as much as I love it, is becoming a; hard on the pocket and b; quite a chore to find new, fun things. Seriously how cool are these Ferm Living Clothes Pegs available from The Modern Baby? Everybody needs pegs right? Everyone has washing to do so it really is a win win situation and what a swell wee present they make. 

Amy x


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All I am saying here really, is dont listen to the rules when it comes to Kilim rugs. Who said that you cant have a rug in your bathroom or kitchen. Go nuts I say. They change a space from dull to amaze! 

Amy x


A neutral pallet

Happy chilly Monday to you all. Just a quick post today as I am stuck completing an essay for my degree at the moment. 

Here is a cool little apartment incorporating a great mix of neutrals colours. The way to make this work is to include a variety of textures as shown above. Here the owners have mixed wood, both white washed and black, concrete, raw linen and subway tiles. All great trends that work well together.

If you are interested in the 100% New Zealand wool chunky knit throws see here for more details or email me, Amy, on miloandmitzy@gmail.com with any questions. 

Amy x

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Wall Dots

Morning all and happy Sunday to you. Raining here in my neck of the woods and actually I am not really complaining. A day in front of the fire sounds right up my alley.

I have a wee confession to make, I am feeling a little uninspired. Actually let me take that back, not uninspired because my creative brain is forever ticking, just a little out of ideas for the blog. You see I don't want to just post the same old thing that you see on every other blog, I want to find new content for you. However with being a Mum to 10 month old Frankie, finishing my degree, running a business with hubby and being nearly 30 weeks pregnant I am struggling to find the time to scroll through the net looking for new things.

That is where you come into play. I would love your help. If you have a blog that I might like, a business that fits the Milo and Mitzy aesthetic or just know of some cool products out there that a worth a look please flick me an email. I would be ever so grateful. miloandmitzy@gmail.com

Right after all that, there is something that I want to show you on this lazy Sunday day. After 10 months you would think that I had Frankies room set up the way I want it to be. Not the case. Nearly there though. Her room has pops of colour, white washed furniture and navy and white throughout. The thing that I am in the process of changing is the navy and white to black white. All that needs to happen in order for this to be done is a new striped rug from LET LIV, on the hunt for a cool black and white quilt for her cot, I need a new black and white cushion for the wee vintage chair that sits in her room and I am going to buy some of these cool wall decal dots.

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Sorry about that novel. Phew! Let me know if you have seen any black and white blankets or quilts around that would look good in Frankies room. And do remember to be in touch if you have anything that you would like to show me. 

Also if you are after one of Milo and Mitzys gorgeous 100% New Zealand wool chunky knit throws please do let me know. You are able to layby these. 

Amy x

Eclectic kids

Happy Tuesday morning to you all. Bit of a boring day here. Work and assignments for me when Frankie is asleep and out walking to look at the new lambys when she wakes.

Having just had Frankie (10 months ago) and another wee one due in November I need to start thinking babies rooms again. As a massive fan of neutrals and black and whites, I am not afraid to use this in the little ones room. However, a kids room is the place where you can go a bit crazy with colour. I would do this using art works and soft furnishings. Above I have put together an eclectic mix of kids rooms using just enough colour for my liking as well as a mood board below of where to shop for such items.

From Top Left 

Amy x


Just a little inspiration...

Happy weekend to you all. I am tucked up in front of the fire as the weather has packed it in again in my neck of the woods. Bit of a nothing post for you here really. Just some eye candy that I have been drooling over as of late. All of these images are found via my Pinterest page. (A little addicted to Pinterest!) Be sure to pop over and check it out.

Amy x

Chunky knit throws for Milo and Mitzy

Photography by Sarah Horn
I am extremely proud to introduce you all to a wee project that I have been working on as of late. With a passion for New Zealand wool and a love of chunky knit, I have had these amazing chunky knit throws made up for me. They measure at 1 metre by 1 and a half metres and retail out at $480 plus postage. Please contact me for more information or to place an order. I am happy to ship these anywhere to you. They truly are remarkable and would make any sofa or bed look fabulous.

Amy x


Logan and Mason - Timeless and Classic

Recently, I was lucky to be given the opportunity, again, to style some gorgeous bedding from Logan and Mason. This time...