Sunday, July 14, 2013

House Envy

Starting off the week with a wee bit of house envy. I know that most of you may have seen a couple of these images. If you follow this blog, my Facebook page, or Pinterest page you definitely would have as they are favourite images of mine. I decided to do a wee bit of research and see if I could find the rest of the house and here it is. What an outstanding place this is. All interior elements that I just love.

Below are some items I have put together to achieve a similar look as this gorgeous home. 

Amy x

Via Residence


  1. That entrance with the spiral staircase is one of my all time favs too . Some very cool touches, like the black ceiling in the bedroom. x

  2. I really love that the predominantly black and white rooms which are so fresh and stylish are then broken up with just the right amount of natural/rustic colour - adds such character and warmth.


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