Superette Ponsonby Lifestyle Concept

I love nothing better than when fashion meets interior. Actually is the BEST.THING.EVER! So when one of New Zealands leading fashion stores, Superette, emailed me through with the news that they have expanded to include a new lifestyle concept, it is fair to say I was excited! 

Superette further adds to its offering with the launch of a carefully curated selection of lifestyle and home products, housed in a new concept space in their Ponsonby flagship store.

This Superette lifestyle has since grown to establish a cult following amongst its customers too.
"It was after noting the success of lifestyle products that were introduced during Christmas selling and the constant enquiries from customers wanting to purchase the eclectic pieces featured in our store displays, that we realised it was time to ramp it up with a dedicated Superette lifestyle offering” says owner Rickie Dee.

Superette Space will integrate fashion and lifestyle in a way that offers a key point of difference in the current market. The concept merchandises lifestyle and fashion together in a way that allows customers to not only complete their entire look, but also translate the Superette aesthetic to their homes as well.

Get excited people. Pop over to their website to check out this Evie Kemp print, this Antler and Horn and more of the awesomeness at Superette on offer.

Amy x


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