Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Happy public holiday to New Zealanders. Its kinda cold here today so I am going to spend the day doing a little DIY and baking. I wanted to start off on the blog by showing you the awesomeness that is Zinc+. Zinc+ is a wee store in Wellington, New Zealand that specializes in industrial and vintage furniture. Always on trend and full of quirky finds and bold colours. This is my kind of store. Check out their website or Facebook page for product details. 

Amy x


  1. Hi Amy, Zinc is a very cool looking little shop. Pretty keen for a trip to both Wellington and Auckland soon to check out my growing list of great shops. x

  2. Looks great. As much as I love Hawke's Bay, I often get envious of Wgtn & Akld when I see cool shops like these. We have some great ones, but not quite as many. x


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