Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The flip clock

Bit of madness in our household as of late. Time is of the essence. I have a huge list of jobs to achieve in the next week or two. Tidying up the gardens, finish painting the fire place, plant the winter veges. I am also back doing the odd day of teaching here and there which is great but with a baby you have to be pretty dam organised.

Speaking of time, on my radar right now are these pretty rad flip clocks that have become popular in recent times. The boldness of them makes telling the time all the more better. Through lack of TIME before posting this blog post, I have been unsuccessful in where we can buy these beauties. When I do have a spare moment, I will do some more research. Let me know if you know.

Amy x

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  1. Hi Amy, Let Liv sells these. Hope your busy week runs smoothly! Yels x

    1. Oh yes, I have seen those ones at LET LIV> Thanks Yels. x

  2. Mark works at the bank, and he found an old original bank flip clock in the store room. They let him bring it home, and it looks awesome, I love it!

    iconic.co.nz sell the Karlsson clocks too. x

  3. such a cool clock!! Its an awesome idea to have the date on a clock as well as the time!


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