Guest post -

Today we are lucky to be joined by Simone of Simone and I share similar tastes in style so it is a pleasure to have Simone joining us here today. 

Hello my name is Simone and I have been involved in interior design and fashion for over 15 years and out of my love for interiors I have created a blog is where all of my ideas are shared plus tips to help you create style in your life and your home. I currently work to create prop styling for magazines, property styling and home/office makeovers.

My little family live in Noosa, Queensland. I have wonderful husband, we have twin girls, a puppy schnauzer~ Mr. Leo and a ring neck bird named Ignatius. Besides my addiction to interiors, I love coffee, am on a mission to get fit this year, reading the Happiness Project book, if I could I would have my whole interiors white, love the summer time, love taking photos, and sitting down with my girls doing craft on the weekends is my favorite pass time.

I would have to say my interior style is all about the colour white, full of rustic charm and all of my furniture has been re-loved and I have a few retro pieces too. My home is always getting restyled! Normally when the girls are in bed at night I will re-create the whole house and move furniture around until late at night. Yes I am crazy but I love it!

It was lovely when Amy mentioned working together to create blog posts, so I hope you enjoy my home inspirations.  I hope you drop by some time.

Simone x

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