Gemma from Line x Shape x Colour

The gorgeous Gemma of line x shape x colour
So whilst over at Studio Home, I learnt of the blog Line x Shape x Colour. Keen to see more I headed over. Line x Shape x Colour is written by Australian textile designer and photographer Gemma and a very gorgeous person at that! Gemma use Line x Shape x Colour as a place of inspiration where Gemma shares her creative journey. Gemma and her New Zealand born husband Andrew recently crossed the ditch to grace our shores. Whilst over in New Zealand they took on the job of renovating an old cabin on Andrews family farm. Check out the after pics below and more gorgeous images from the talented Gemma and her trip around New Zealand. Line x Shape x Colour is definetly a must see. I will be sure to follow regularly from here on out.

The newly renovated cabin

More amazing images from Andrew and Gemmas trip

Amy x

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