Adam and Evas

So often I blog about fabulous places from Europe, America, Australia and beyond. But do you know what? I live in a pretty fantastic place myself. Not only is New Zealand an outstanding place, but Hawkes Bay, my hometown is the raddest. Hawkes Bay has some of the finest wines, best eateries and ridiculously cool sites that our country has to offer. I am proud to call it home. Hence the reason that I am going on a bit of a mission to show it off to you all.

First up is an awesome little cafe and food store, Adam and Evas, part of the Bay Espresso chain. Amazing coffee, outstanding food and an even better shop full of all that you could dream of when searching for the finest products and gourmet temptations both local and global. Not to mention the awesome supply of party goods when you are next out to impress. Foodie heaven I tell you.

Adam and Evas have a full lunch and brunch menu and I must say the staff a pretty darn handy at whipping up a near perfect coffee. The food store stocks only the best from the local Hawkes Bay producers. An inspiration in itself. I came away from there buzzing with meal ideas.

If ever you are around the area, be sure to check it out. 

Amy x

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