Thursday, January 24, 2013

My kinda home

Madly madly in love with this house. Totally my cuppa tea. This stunner is situated on the far north coast of New Zealand. I think here in New Zealand we have a bit of a thing for using black on the exterior of our homes, especially holiday homes.With the use of naturally woven rugs, industrial lights and tolix chairs, this home is a real winner in my books. I would show you more pics, only they are coming up a little fuzzy which has happened to me a bit lately, so you will just have to pop over here for more goodness and if anyone can help me out with the fuzzy thing, that'd be cool.

Amy x


  1. Yep, black clad baches are awesome. It looks like a great spot. x

  2. Just checked out the other images on the original site. I think the reason you're having trouble with some photos being fuzzy, is that you're enlarging them to fit your blog nicely, but they are just too small/low res. If you blow photos up too much they start getting pixelated and look fuzzy. Hope that helps.

  3. This is such a cool bach! I love black homes too. Yels x

  4. Great to see a local home. We're doing a dark stain (shiplap cedar) on our new house! Love the outdoor dining area x


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