Monday, January 7, 2013

Harney & Sons

I got back home from holiday to find a parcel awaiting my arrival at the front door. To my delight the amazing Lisa from Harney & Sons had sent me these three Tea Tins along with some ridiculously mind blowing tea samples to try. (I am a tea fanatic!) Harney & Sons supply the finest teas to boutique hotels, B&B’s, restaurants, cafes, gourmet stores, department stores, spas and salons around New Zealand. Harney and Sons journey began 25 years ago founded by American John Harney in the US and has since been brought to New Zealand. This is some seriously outstanding tea and I am loving that I can use my tea tins afterwards to plant basil in for the kitchen window sill. Cool right?

Amy x


  1. Very cool! I love tea too and think what you've done with the H&S tins is pretty nifty/thrifty :)

  2. Your basil looks great planted in those tins! clever thing . Yels x

  3. Lucky you. And great that you can enjoy the tea and then continue to enjoy the gorgeous tins. x


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