A drop of Scandinavia, a dash of Canada

This gorgeous light and airy home belongs to Tara Ballyntyne, style and food editor for Style at Home. Tara mixed both Canadian and Scandinavian designs on a budget to create her dream home. “Canadian design tends to be fuller and draw on deeper hues for comfort, while Scandinavian design is cleaner and relies on lighter tones to combat darkness when the sun goes down so early." Tara states. Bringing the two designs together was her ultimate goal. Only problem, she had a budget of $10,000 including a new kitchen. 

She picked up the lockers for free from the YMCA which were covered in bright purple paint. I am impressed, aren't you? She ripped up the carpet straight away as she is not a fan and looked for design fixtures with clean lines such as her pallet bed. 

I am impressed, aren't you?

Amy x

Images via Style at Home

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