Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Paulina Arcklin

Oh my, its a busy time of year. Sorry for my absence yesterday. I had friends over for lunch. Not such great  weather here today so I am going to spend the day on the computer organising my blog for the silly season so it is not neglected.

This morning I have come across the work of Amsterdam based photographer Paulina Arcklin. Paulina focuses on photographing interior images for magazines. Be sure to check out her amazing work. Today I wanted to start by showing you some images from the shoot she did for Werannas Warehouse.

Amy x


  1. I love Paulina, she's so multi-talented! And she sent me a lovely message on facebook recently :) x

  2. Hi Amy, so nice to heard that you like of my work :) I'm worked many years with magazines, but now more with interior brands, like just Werannas Warehouse ;) And thanks Vic for you too! You both have great blogs!


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