Thursday, December 13, 2012

Cheers to the freakn' weekend...

Just a few of my favourite pics from my Pinterest board to end the week with. Loving them all. We have a weekend full of catching up with friends, finishing jobs before Christmas and a general house tidy up. Busy time of year! Oh and I get to pick up some new art work that hubby brought me which is exciting and oh yea and im just in the middle of making an order from Asos!

Happy Friday.

Amy x


  1. Cheers to that! Love the pics. Have a fab weekend x

  2. Great photos. Hope you've had a fab w/end, hoping we'll get to see the new art. I made a purchase recently from Asos, was so impressed with the speedy delivery, although you've got lots of Xmas post to compete with at the mo. x


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