Aroha and Friends and F.G Smith Eatery

I was looking over Milo and Mitzy the other day and realised that I have been posting a heap of overseas stories lately. Why I thought, when we have so many amazing businesses right here on our door step. New Zealand is a pretty fantastic place to live. I live on the East Coast in Hawkes Bay, which to me, is the best place of all in New Zealand. (probably a little biased)  

Two of my favourite things to do are shop and eat. Two of my favourite places to shop and eat in Hawkes Bay are Aroha and Friends and the Opera Kitchen so could you imagine my delight when I heard that these two places were collaborating. Aroha and Friends and the people of the Opera Kitchen (renamed F.G Smith Eatery) have joined forces in the F.G Smith building in Ahuriri Hawkes Bay creating a very cool atmosphere combining shopping and dining all in on.

Whats even better is that the Opera Kicthen is still alive and kicking as well as F.G. Smith Eatery so I now have two favourite places to eat! Their carrot cake is to die for. Aroha and Friends (originally posted about here) not only stocks the coolest of cool clothes, but also in store you will find the amazing artwork of co founder Rakai Karaitiana I was lucky enough to receive a print from hubby for my birthday.

There is so much more that I could tell you about this place, but honestly I would be babbling on all day so my advice is, get to Hawkes Bay and come and check it out for yourself. 

Amy x

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