Sunday, November 4, 2012

Swedish house for sale

I love this gorgeous wee Swedish house that is up for sale. So light and dreamy with that amazing marble bench top, that awesome kilim rug and that fantastic claw foot bath tub. I also love the fact that they have kept all the old window frames. It is such a shame when you see a fab looking house that has had its old wooden window frames replaced. This house, to me,  has the perfect balance of styles going on.

Amy x


  1. Those windows are really something special - packed full of character, I love them! x

  2. So light and airy - what a nice way to start the week. Thanks for sharing! x

  3. It's beautiful! That Kilim rug stopped me in my tracks. I'm going to meet one of the girls from Siggada when she's down in HB next week - can't wait. x

  4. Oh I love this one too Amy! So relaxed yet stunning!

    Abbey x


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