Sleep well tonight with Father Rabbit

I am in the middle of cleaning out our bedroom, getting the washing done and changing the sheets. Who doesn't love fresh clean sheets. The team over at Father Rabbit inspired me to stop procrastinating and get that bedroom clean. Here are their tips to a better nights sleep...

Simple rules for sleep…. wash your bedlinen once a week with lavender water.. change your sheets the same day every week, so that you have a “reset” day.. that night when you have fresh sheets is your BEST sleep of the week. We choose Wednesdays but some people choose Sunday morning for sheet changing, getting them ready for the work week.

Iron your pillowcases…for that crisp cold feeling (we don’t bother with ironing sheets etc, because if they are line dried they don’t really need it). We use 100 % cotton as our sleeping pillows and our linen to look good, mind you the linen gets beautifully soft over time as well. You can choose relaxed easy linens or comforters for the top dressing, but stick to crisp white Egyptian cottons scented with lavender for your sheets.  Top sheets are our friend.

Silk filled pillows and duvets are the ultimate in luxury.

Clear clutter out of your bedroom, let the breeze in and snuggle up!

I'm hearing them! Beautiful images from Father Rabbits blog. A x

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