My apologies for no posts this morning. Something is going on with blogger and I intend to find out what! A x


Happy hump day to you all. Sorry for my absence. I have been away for a couple of days enjoying a catch up with a friend. I can't believe it is one day until December. I am spending the day giving the house a spring clean. Sorting out the Christmas decorations, making a Christmas wreath and whipping up a fruit cake to freeze. We are having Christmas here this year, hence my Christmasy spirit. Keep the homemade Christmas gift ideas coming in. We have strawberries coming out of ears at the moment, so I am thinking that homemade strawberry jam is another goody to add to the gift list. Please do become a follower of Milo and Mitzy for many more exciting things to come.

In other news, I am a big fan of summer sandals. They work with so many outfits. I have just come across these Nat-Sui sandals on special. I am digging those yellows! Check them out here. Enjoy, A x

Spell and the Gyspy Collective

Morning all. I am off to spend the day with my dear friend who has just got back from over seas. I haven't seen her in ages (since me wedding nearly two years ago) so I am very excited. even more so because she is now pregnant. This friend of mine is a very down to earth spirit with a touch of hippy on the side. So today I am bringing out my inner hippy and have been scouring over the pages of Spell and the Gypsy, an amazing blog created by two carefree Byron Bay girls.

All From Boats

How totally cool is this furniture that my friend Vic from Cush and Nooks introduced me to? All From Boats is... well... as the name says, furniture made from old boats. What a fantastic idea. A x

Hope your Sunday morning has started with a bang. We are heading out to meet family for a coffee, hubby then heading for a dive at the beach and myself... not sure. The day is my oyster! I wanted to start by showing you these rocking pieces from the Ruby Boutique Summer Collection. Don't you just dig that colour? If only I had those legs to wear those pants! Thanks to all of my lovely readers for your comments and for basically just listening to my dribble. Enjoy. A x


I dedicate my blog posts to things that I find on the Internet that I love. I was thinking about it the other day and unless you know me personally, you, Milo and Mitzy readers don't really know too much about your truly. One day I will show you some pics of my world but for now I am going to let you in on a couple of my new years resolutions. (Yes I have already thought about these)

I want to write more thank you cards to people when they do things for us or host us in some kind of way.

I want to give paddle boarding a go.

I want to bake home made bread.

A x


Happy Saturday folk. I have just come back from a beautiful morning run with a friend. We did manage to stop at a shop on our way home. (Always make time for shopping) Any who my aim of this story is that the shop we were in, Hunt and Seek, stocks Mimosa. Now, I have been crushing on these Mimosa styles for a while. I thinks its high time that I did something about this. Aren't they the coolest summer prints? Remember do let me know if you have any cool homemade Christmas gift ideas. I would love to hear and please to share any links that you may have with us nosey Milo and Mitzy readers. Have a great day. A x

My Kinda House

I came across this amazing house introduced to me via Sweet As Candy and holy heck have I fallen? Totally my cuppa tea. White washed floors, mismatched wooden chairs, bevelled mirrors and a claw foot bath in the bedroom! Now that's what I call a home!

Today is a day of washing, vacuuming and baking. I am also doing some sewing. This year I am trying to make the majority of my Christmas presents. I am making my nieces cute little skirts and other family members spiced nuts, shortbread, homemade muesli and salad dressings. If anyone else has any homemade Christmas gifts they would like to share we (Milo and Mitzy readers) would LOVE to hear. Enjoy. A x

Home Base Collections

On a quick note, don't you just love the work from Hawkes Bay artist Leanne Culy for Home Base Collections? I want to frame up those cards just as they are pictured! I admire the way Leanne  is so environmentally conscious and her philosophy for keeping things the way that they should be is commendable. A x

Mister Zimi

I was introduced to Mister Zimi the other day by someone and I can not quite remember who. If it was you, sorry and thanks! The idea for Mister Zimi was born on holiday. Whilst lying on the beach in Bali, Zoe the owner of Mister Zimi, was playing around with some sketches of clothing. She decided to get these items made and the rest is history. I am totally digging this campaign and right now with the rain outside my window I would kill to be where this is shot.

Hello to all of my new readers and thank you to all of my old. Please do become a follower for many more great things install. Let me know if you are having trouble signing up to this website as I know a few people are. I will suss out what is wrong.

Another exciting piece of news is that I am just about to start writing for a New Zealand fashion website. I am trying to sort out just what angle I want to take with the stories that I write. I was thinking that I wanted to showcase new up and coming designers and small businesses. If you have any ideas I would love to hear them.

Right that's enough from me. I have a busy day ahead. Bck to uni for me today. Meeting a friend for lunch. Taking some kids for sport this afternoon and then working at my new summer job at my favourite restaurant in the entire world, Pipi. Ciao. A x


New Starfish range. What is not to love? Check out more here. A x

Sleep well tonight with Father Rabbit

I am in the middle of cleaning out our bedroom, getting the washing done and changing the sheets. Who doesn't love fresh clean sheets. The team over at Father Rabbit inspired me to stop procrastinating and get that bedroom clean. Here are their tips to a better nights sleep...

Simple rules for sleep…. wash your bedlinen once a week with lavender water.. change your sheets the same day every week, so that you have a “reset” day.. that night when you have fresh sheets is your BEST sleep of the week. We choose Wednesdays but some people choose Sunday morning for sheet changing, getting them ready for the work week.

Iron your pillowcases…for that crisp cold feeling (we don’t bother with ironing sheets etc, because if they are line dried they don’t really need it). We use 100 % cotton as our sleeping pillows and our linen to look good, mind you the linen gets beautifully soft over time as well. You can choose relaxed easy linens or comforters for the top dressing, but stick to crisp white Egyptian cottons scented with lavender for your sheets.  Top sheets are our friend.

Silk filled pillows and duvets are the ultimate in luxury.

Clear clutter out of your bedroom, let the breeze in and snuggle up!

I'm hearing them! Beautiful images from Father Rabbits blog. A x

Logan and Mason - Timeless and Classic

Recently, I was lucky to be given the opportunity, again, to style some gorgeous bedding from Logan and Mason. This time...