Deborah Sweeney - Spring Summer

Jeepers, I just had to share this with you because it is not often that I am able to say that I want every article of clothing in one collection. However, I can say that with the spring/summer Deborah Sweeney collection. For my regular readers, by now you must have certainly noticed that I live stripes, I love red, I love navy and I love natural colours. Well this collection gives all of those things a big fat tick! In other news, a huge apology for my lack of postings. Life is busy. Back to normal soon, I promise. A big hello to all my new readers, thanks to all of my old and please do feel free to leave me any comments, links or suggestions. I really could do with the distraction. I hope you are all well. Enjoy. A x

Annabell Kutucu

I have always adored Annabell Kutucu hence the reason I am head over heels for this newly transformed apartment in Vienna...