Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Just because...

Good morning. I thought I would start the day off with just a few nonsense piccys that don't really make sense as to why I have put them together, it just because. Because I love them!!! Am on uni holidays now which is a nice feeling so today is a day of baking, tidying, changing things around and general me time.

I also thought I would let you in on the name of this blog as a few people have asked me. There is not too much of a story but what there is, it goes like this. I have always liked the names Milo and Mitzy. So a couple of years ago I named my two pet lambs Milo and Mitzy. They were an odd pair. Milo was particularly strange. I suppose with a name like that you may swing that way a little bit. As bazaar as they both were, somehow they worked. Best of mates. So that's the short story behind the name.

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