Stripes make me happy

Well here it is... the moment I have been dreading/ anticipating/ looking forward to. The day I start a blog. You see the problem with me, me being a 26 year old girl from a farm in Hawkes Bay New Zealand, is that I have too much creative nonsence going on in my head. I find it hard to make room for other things! To me it is not nonsence but when you are studying for a degree, sometimes that nonsence takes over and I simply dont get much study done that day, but do get a lot of 'creative nonsence' done instead!

I adore stripes so I thought what better way to start off with than sharing some of the beautiful images that I spend hours drooling over. I can take no credit for these images, although I wish that i could! I hope you do come back and visit me! Untill next time. A x

Mercer and Mercer X George & Willy X The Style Tales by Christall Lowe X Blackbird Goods

Back to school this week. I can hear the cheers from Mums around the country. Back to work for me that means. It was so nice to enjoy some ...