Saben Style

Being a massive massive Saben fan, I was over the moon to be given the opportunity to style 3 of their gorgeous items, two hand bags and one clutch. And boy, did I want to keep them all! Saben bags each have their own unique personality, yet all are contemporary, stylish and playful.

First up we have Tilly. A rad little clutch that surprisingly fits a lot. This little beauty will see you through from day to night.  Included in this image is the Julia Kostreva planner and THESEEKE products all from Father Rabbit. Perfume and Karen Walker sunnies belong to moi!

Next we have the amazing Yasmin. Sleek, sophisticated and hard working. A fantastic day to day bag to carry everything that you possibly need to get through your busy day. Included in this image, Wilson and Frenchy bib, Julia Kostreva planner, Barr Co handcream, Bensimon sneakers all from Father Rabbit and sneak peek of a new range of Milo and Mitzy jewellery.

And lastly we have Lotte. Lotte is that smaller version of the every day bag, claiming to unwind and  enjoy a pimms or two on a Friday evening, Lotte boasts all of the inner compartments that one needs to carry the Friday night essentials in. Included in this image is the Saben key ring, Julia Kostreva planner from Father Rabbit and everything else is my own.
Thank you so much to Saben for the opportunity. I already own one Saben bag, something tells me I need another.
Amy x

Boho Home Tour


The lovely Shannon of re:address introduced me to todays fabulous interior designer and I couldn't be more thankful. Exactly my style. A little bit modern, a little bit vintage, a little bit boho and a lot or cool! Let me show you Amber of Amber Interiors latest project. Shes a goodie alright.

LA based Amber Lewis is drawn to mixing patterns and being bold with colours. If you ask me, she has nailed it.

The touches of brass mixed with wood, white leather and kilim completely had me at the word go. I am currently on the hunt to add some more kilim to my own house. Its the way I like to add colour. Where do you shop for your kilim rugs and cushions?
Amy x

Home Tour

Happy Tuesday. I trust this finds you all well and warm. Lately I have been searching through websites seeking inspiration for my own home. We moved into a gorgeous home a year ago. Luckily for us all the work had been done to enable us to live easily and comfortably. Me being me, I have my own unique style and like to put my own stamp on things (this will happen eventually, when time and money allows, however I am not a very patient person). Our near future jobs are to tidy up the landscaping and not that the husband knows it yet but I am looking to change our stove top splash back and hang some pendant lights above the breakfast bar. Heres hoping these can be done at a small cost. For now, I shall keep gazing upon the gorgeous homes of other clever people.

This gorgeous weekend home found thanks to Inside Out Magazine, belonging to Australian designer Shareen Joel ticks all my boxes. Black and cedar on the outside, a fantastic mix of textures and a gorgeous selection of statement pieces used throughout the home. Photography by the talented Sharyn Cairns.

Please please can somebody in New Zealand make me a chair like this or could someone let me know if they have seen one around. I love the mix of leather, linen and wood. Have been lusting after something like this for what feels like forever. A timeless piece to add to your home.

Again another winning combination, kilim wood and linen. Visit Father Rabbit to pick up a similar sofa from MCM House. They really are amazing! Also check out their range of linen cushions in store or online. And how can you go past those incredible Mark Tuckey side tables. And to finish off your space visit Siggada and choose from one of their ridiculously rad kilim rugs.

Check out The Vitrine to get a similar table and bench seats to add to your entertaining area. They even make a very cool indoor dining and again see Father Rabbit for a gorgeous selection of linen bedding and cushions.
Happy Tuesday.
Amy x


Hello Winter. We love you. That is the email I received today from the wonderful Pampa folks. Winter, a time to add warmth and texture to your home. I am loving these new images from Pampas latest collection.

Byron Bay based Pampa is the kind of business that one can only admire. Passionate about fair trade and uniting cultures, Pampas designers Victoria and Carlyon travel between Argentina and Australia working closely in rural communities to bring these gorgeous pieces to our shores. See here for details.
Amy x 

Izzy and Jean Co

A huge apology for my absence. We took a much needed break to visit family and friends last week. Its always so refreshing to go away and to come home again and feel inspired as well as appreciative of what you have got.

Today I wanted to share with you some new goodies from a favourite of mine. Always on my radar, always bringing something different to the table, Izzy and Jean Co. are forever introducing handcrafted traditional homewears, kids wear and fashion to New Zealand and further abroad.
With a selection of new stonewash linen, wooden brushes, gorgeous throws and the raddest collection of Espadrilles, Izzy and Jean Co. is a definite must visit.
Amy x

Logan and Mason - Timeless and Classic

Recently, I was lucky to be given the opportunity, again, to style some gorgeous bedding from Logan and Mason. This time...